About Us

The Most Inspirational Business Story in America.

Underguard Teleservices is an Impact Driven organization, opening its doors for business in 2017 with a Mission to change how call centers operate.

See there are three challenges call centers commonly face:

  1. A Rising cost of Labor
  2. Employee Turnover
  3. Talent Acquisition

The Underguard Solution? An idea that would be unique, even controversial in its approach to Call Center Management. It would manifest to the “Smart Sourcing” method of call center management. In partnering with Correctional Facilities and putting inmates in the driver seat toward rehabilitation and developing job skills. Through this unique way of managing a call center, Underguard devised a solution to all three of the call center problems while improving the lives of people and communities which they live in.


Our Founder

A Man With A Vision

Casey Hannah was a one of a kind Entrepreneur, Minister, Father, Brother, Husband and Son. Casey passed away unexpectedly in October 2018, leaving behind a legacy of Accomplishment, Inspiration, Kindness and a life centered around Serving others.

Casey was the man responsible for founding Underguard in 2017. Casey transformed his life at age 26, turning from Drugs and Crime to a life of Fatherhood, Ministry and Entrepreneurship. Casey founded ten businesses in his life, finding opportunities in everything. As of 2019 Kyle and Kelly are humbly leading Underguard to honor their father's vision, determined to continue his Mission of bringing Hope to the under-served.



When you work with us, we expect our clients to want and demand the best service, as such, we often want and demand the best from our clients.

Having a common goal, is what allows us to put forth the absolute best product offering in your market. We understand you can work with any call-center, and still when choosing us, you deserve and expect the best.

Investing heavily in training, support and infrastructure is why we’ve grown such strong relationships in our markets.

At Underguard we will provide you with an unmatched Quality, Speed and Budget.

Our Commitment

It’s our objective to learn not just about your business, but your value proposition. Why do your customers buy from you?

By gaining this intimate knowledge, it successfully allows our team to improve your customer satisfaction and deliver a world-class experience to your customers.


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