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The Most Inspirational Business Story in America.

Underguard Teleservices first opened its doors in 2017, with its headquarters located about 1 hour north of Memphis, Tennessee. Underguard’s Founder Casey Hannah, started the company because he realized several areas of opportunity after serving 6 years as a Call Center Director at a boutique call center outsourcing Company. Those areas were in Cost, Employee Turnover and Talent Recruitment. He recognized the cost of doing business in America was rising. When he began as a Director, minimum wage in Minnesota was $7.25 and in 2019 some parts of Minnesota are on their way to $15.00. As such the operational costs were on track to increase over 100%. This increase in cost had to be passed thru to the client and some clients had little choice but to take their business to the Philippines or Pakistan, as some did. So he began to explore ways in solving this while maintaining the USA footprint the company was built upon.

A second challenge was Employee Turnover. Casey created a one of a kind culture in the call center, he was responsible for routinely making breakfast for his staff, taking them out for pizza and buffalo wings on the weekends and having an employee designed attendance policy, empowering his staff to create policies which they greatly appreciated (under his guidance of course). Even with this unique culture, Casey noticed people would leave for higher paying jobs or jobs that became available closer to their homes. He began to think of how to address this.

The third challenge Casey encountered was attracting the right people for the call center job. With around an 80% annual turnover rate (still below a national average), the talent pool in the community became more scarce after the site had been operational a few years. To attract employees the company had to increase it’s starting wages and perks to get employees to respond which had an overall effect on the companies profitability.

The Result? An idea that would be unique, even controversial in its approach to Call Center Management. It would manifest to the “Smart Sourcing” approach where the company would partner with Correctional Facilities and put Inmates in the driver seat as part of a job development, skills program. The company would employ US citizens service a minimum sentence and Underguard bring in its


Our Founder

A Man With A Vision

Casey Hannah was a one of a kind Entrepreneur, Minister, Father, Brother, Husband and Son. Casey passed away unexpectedly in October 2018, leaving behind a legacy of Accomplishment, Inspiration, Kindness and a life centered around Serving others.

Casey was the man responsible for founding Underguard in 2017. Casey transformed his life at age 26, turning from Drugs and Crime to a life of Ministry, Fatherhood and Business. Casey went on to start Ten businesses in his life, finding opportunities in everything. Casey was a God Fearing man and lead many people to the Lord during his lifetime, including his son and daughter, Kelly and Kyle. As of 2019 Kyle and Kelly are humbly leading Underguard in serving their father, determined to continue his business vision of Hope and Serving others into the future.



When you work with us, we expect our clients to want and demand the best service, as such, we often want and demand the best from our clients.

Having a common goal, is what allows us to put forth the absolute best product offering in your market. We understand you can work with any call-center in the world, but when choosing us, you deserve and expect the best.

Investing heavily in training, support and infrastructure is why we’ve grown such strong relationships in our markets.

Our agent training process is second to none, leaving only around 30% of our original hires to begin working on our call floor. Through this extensive process, only the most qualified individuals service calls for our clients.

Our Commitment

It’s our objective to learn not just about your product, but your entire product offering. By having all the inner workings at our fingertips, successfully allowing our team to have the knowledge and information to resolve any caller’s questions or concerns.

Larger call-centers often outsource work overseas or hire agents to work from home, but this can get very sloppy and level of work quality very poor as a result.


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