Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing can seem complex. Let Underguard guide you through the process.
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Domestic Call Center Outsourcing at a Nearshore Pricing Model

Read below to discover how Underguard's operating model is changing how call centers operate.
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Brother and Sister form partnership to lead their Father’s business Vision Forward

In just 18 months Underguard Teleservices has expanded to three office locations in the greater Memphis area. Read below as Kelly and Kyle share their story.
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Communications Tactics that KILL your Customer Experience

It’s easy for business leaders to focus on the high-level strategic things that hinder our success; reason being is those big things are more easily seen and ideally correctable. Large problems however, are generally a combination of many little issues that aren’t so clear.
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Key Factors with Contact Center Outsourcing part II

While the affordability and accessibility of outsourcing is attractive, it is critical to evaluate potential providers before confirming your commitment to a BPO contact center. Experience, capacity and a commitment to building your brand top the list, since a contact center lacking in any of the above will hurt your business far more than it will help.
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Key Factors With Contact Center Outsourcing part I

Call center outsourcing provides a ton of advantages to businesses seeking a cost-effective means of growing their customer base and elevating the customer experience. Benefits include cost savings, on-demand service, and a better customer service experience. When considering call center outsourcing, a company should carefully evaluate potential vendors to ensure they have the scalability, experience and resources to properly respond to the needs of their customers and business requirements.
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