Brother and Sister form partnership to lead their Father’s business Vision Forward

January 27, 2019 / Kyle and Kelly Hannah

Three months ago, Kelly Hannah, was working alongside her father, Casey Hannah, as Operations Manager of the 15 month old startup, Underguard Services, a domestic call center outsourcing company with multiple offices in the greater Memphis Tennessee area. In just 14 months the father and daughter duo grew the business from an idea hatched in Minnesota to opening offices in Tennessee with staff, clients and a unique competitive advantage, nearshore outsourcing rates here in the USA. In just its first fiscal year, the bootstrapped outsourcing company did over $500,000 in sales.

“A lot of Startups and even companies can struggle to achieve $500,000 in annual revenues. UGS accomplished that in just its first fiscal year. It’s quite extraordinary and to make it even more impressive the business is completely bootstrapped,” says Kyle Hannah, Casey’s son.

Fast forward today Kelly has taken on the role of President and Co-Owner of the business. Casey Hannah passed away unexpectedly while resting in his home on the evening of October, 19th 2018. “It’s been a very difficult process, losing my dad. I just have to be thankful for the experiences I had with him, his wisdom and leadership helped shape my life in many ways, he was a special man to many people. I know he’s up in heaven watching over us and happy.”

For Kelly it was an easy decision to honor her father, keep the business operational and take over Presidential duties of the fast growing startup. Kelly’s brother, Kyle Hannah, has joined the startup as CEO and co-owner.

“My father had a huge heart for our country's citizens serving time in correctional facilities. The repeat offender rates in our countries prisons are alarming, and he set out to change that. For me it was the right thing to do, my brother and I believe we can keep growing the business and expanding its footprint. Already we’ve seen an impact in this community. The support here that we’ve had is phenomenal. I’m so grateful for everyone involved.” says Kelly.

Kyle Hannah brings over a decade of call center BPO leadership as a Founder and CEO of a company that was twice recognized by 500 as a fastest-growing private company in America. He believes he can help grow the UGT brand, but equally important is see the impact this work is having in the community.

“I had the great pleasure of working side by side with my father for eight years. He was a mentor to me and I owe so much to him, personally and professionally. Ten days after his death I sat down with Kelly and told her this business is now hers, what does she want to do with it? Kelly said she wants to see it continue to grow to over 100 employees. ** I smiled and told her let’s get to work and do this for dad.”. **

A couple of months before Casey passed away, Kyle and Casey had an acquisition agreement for Kyle’s company, PerformTel. “I had been in the process of leading the merger with my company, PerformTel, and the UGS business. At the time I was planning to take a break from the call center operations world and put focus onto lead generation, brokering deals and call center consulting work under our flagship brand, Since my father passed away I have had a tremendous sense of loyalty come over me, to honor him. I made a commitment to Kelly, the community and our clients that I am all in on this, with a clear purpose, honoring my father’s vision and having the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with my sister, Kelly.”

In just 18 months the business has expanded to four office locations in the greater Memphis area. “We’re currently hiring for several leadership and supervisory positions. If you have interest, please visit our website and email us. We are looking for hard-working, committed people who want to help us move this Vision that our father established into the future.”

_ To learn more about the merger, Underguard Teleservices Vision and Mission, strategic planning, investor relations or have ideas or thoughts on ways you could help the UGT team please contact Mark Golder at 651-260-5749 or email,, or visit the website at _

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