Communications Tactics that KILL your Customer Experience

January 27, 2019 / Kyle Hannah

It’s easy for business leaders to focus on the high-level strategic things that hinder our success; reason being is those big things are more easily seen and ideally correctable. Large problems however, are generally a combination of many little issues that aren’t so clear.

From a customer experience standpoint; we’ve found, this tends to be common. Lately we have discovered a number of little issues that companies had been experiencing “prior to working with Underguard Teleservices” that had been going a long way in killing or negatively affecting their customer experience.

Fortunately for these companies, we have been able to successfully adjust and improve a majority of these lesser-known customer experience issues. The following (in to particular order) is a list of a few small glaring issues we’ve found:

  • When a new customer gets better rates or pricing than an existing customer.
  • When you don’t do the things you say you were going to do, such as issue a refund when a package is returned
  • A long and even confusing process navigating through an IVR.
  • When a Customer Service Rep (CSR) struggles to answer the customers questions, and further struggles to find timely support from his/her leadership to achieving a resolution
  • The queue wait time before connecting with a service agent
  • When you don’t empathize with a customer’s situation, i.e. “I am sorry you are experiencing this, I imagine it’s difficult, please know I will try and make your day just a little better here, okay.”
  • When you automatically add customers to an email list.
  • When customers are constantly asked to take a survey post-call
  • Having a difficult time locating the customer service phone number.
  • When a customer’s e-mail doesn’t receive a response, much less an answer.
  • When a CSR uses language that is hard for the common customer to understand.
  • When a customer leaves a message for a call back and doesn’t receive one, or they just receive an e-mail to answer the question.
  • When asked for feedback and not explained where that feedback is going or what purpose it will serve.
  • Poor reception on calls.
  • Questions or language that make a customer feel “dumb”

You may have experienced one or more of these issues in your business or personal lives; these issues are only a few things that could be hindering your overall customer experience and therefore decreasing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) or even increasing merchant chargebacks. It’s our goal that this helps you in discovering and correcting your “Small details” that can be negatively affecting the experience your customer’s having with your brand.

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