Key Factors with Contact Center Outsourcing part II

January 27, 2019 / Kyle Hannah

While the affordability and accessibility of outsourcing is attractive, it is critical to evaluate potential providers before confirming your commitment to a BPO contact center. Experience, capacity and a commitment to building your brand top the list, since a contact center lacking in any of the above will hurt your business far more than it will help.

Industry Experience

A customer care contact center’s industry experience is the first thing you should consider when evaluating a provider. The industry is filled with fly-by-night call center service companies with eye-catching websites but minimal industry experience. When evaluating options, you should seek a provider with the following:

  • Experience in capacity planning, call forecasting, quality management and adherence to policies and procedures
  • A long-term presence in the contact center outsourcing arena (the team has over 50 years)
  • A management team whose experience can help your campaign accelerate your business growth

One of the best ways to verify a contact center’s industry experience is to reach out to them and request references. If they have successfully handled the needs of a Fortune 500 company, then there is an increased likelihood that your needs will be met as well.

Scalability and Capacity to Properly Serve Your Customers

A contact center should have the staffing and tools to ensure that your customers receive prompt service. As you evaluate providers, you should look for the following capabilities:

  • Human Resources department to ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws
  • Ample resources to accommodate growth
  • Necessary intelligence to make well-educated business decisions
  • People-first culture
  • Current technology and call routing applications
  • Experienced managers who are accustomed to problem-solving and handling difficult customers

Commitment to Communicating Your Brand

One of the primary reasons why some business owners are reluctant to engage a BPO center is the fear that outsourced staff will not properly convey their company’s brand value and mission. By partnering with a vendor who offers dedicated services and an experienced account manager, you will be working with a company that is committed to articulating your products benefits and your brand’s value proposition. At, you proof the script and our agents read your script but it doesn’t end there. An integral part of every successful campaign is an intensive training process that involves learning about your products and/or services and the market in which they compete.

In the next installment of this series, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of PCI compliance and why it can make or break your contact center operation.

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