Domestic Call Center Outsourcing at a Nearshore Pricing Model

May 23, 2019 / Kyle Hannah

In the call center outsourcing world, companies, entrepreneurs and startups have four primary options in meeting their business goals:

  1. Domestic / Onshore
  2. Nearshore
  3. Offshore
  4. Virtual / Work at Home

Now imagine a new, innovative 5th option. A domestic solution that will match nearshore pricing but have the quality and performance you have come to expect. Let me introduce you to Underguard Teleservices business model.

While wages continue to rise and labor pools shrink, Underguard has posed the question, what if there were a different way? A way where we could partner with correctional facilities to design and manage brick and mortar call center operations within a controlled environment, yet still maintain the flexibility to run and operate an entrepreneurial company. A model for clients where Speed, Quality and Costs are critical to their business success.

How would this look you might ask?

It would be accomplished by training and leading US citizens like you and I that are serving out a state level sentence inside a correction facility.

Here is a commonly asked question:

How do the representatives accept credit card or other sensitive customer information?

Underguard has two solutions. First is a live transfer of the customer to a Payments team. The payments team is made up of direct employees of Underguard.

A second solution in development is an integration with a PCI compliant payment acceptance tool. Through this method the agent doesn’t see or hear the payment information. At the time a customer is prepared to give the payment information, the agent will see are asterisks on the desktop screen. The customer and the agent are still speaking throughout the entire process but the sensitive card data, the PAN and CSV are prevented from reaching the agent or the client’s environment.

  1. Are there any other concerns to the correctional facility environment a client should know about or consider?

Underguard's leadership and advisory team bring over forty years of BPO call center management from the private business world. Our leadership team has designed Underguard's call center infrastructure to mirror that of a world-class call center operation. The only risk a client has is not moving it's business sooner to take advantage of a significant cost savings and industry low attrition rates that Underguard provides to its clients.

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