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June 18, 2019 / Underguard Teleservices

Highest Value in USA Call Center Outsourcing

We know your company culture is Special.

You’ve built a company with products that have a great reputation. You are a caring, customer-focused business. It’s now come to the point of leverage and scale. You’re searching for a call center provider but it’s really the experience you have in mind, not just a phone room with agents. You need the right team to help you manage the complexity of outsourcing.

We understand that the solution you require supports your business as a profit center and requires commitment and attention. Underguard's focus on product knowledge and quality control adds significant value to your brand. It helps increase revenues and profits, and boosts the lifetime value of your customers. Underguard is an Impact-driven organization here to serve your customers all while improving the lives of people in our communities.

We understand execution centers on people, process and technology but that your Customer Experience is at the core.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing refers to the business strategy of partnering with an outside company to manage inbound and outbound customer contacts. The outsourced call center may reside internally, externally, or virtually depending on the needs of the parent company. The benefits of outsourcing include delegating the costly and time consuming efforts dedicated to sourcing talent, on-boarding, training and development, quality assurance, and workforce management, while creating the opportunity to focus your time on customer service strategy, insights, and the performance of your business.

What is the Next Step?

We understand finding the right outsourced call center for your business can be a difficult process. A vested partnership is the most satisfying outcome you can have.

And while technical specifications, quotes and process reviews are an essential part of the process, the key component of any engagement is "fit." We firmly believe that a site visit provides the greatest opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities. You will have the opportunity to meet our team and experience our enthusiasm, Brand passion and commitment to service.

We invite you to call us to address any questions you may have. We can discuss RFIs, RFQs RFPs and LTVs. We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business and we’re happy to discuss how we can help your business achieve it's vision.

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