How to Cope with the Increase in Demand for eCommerce

July 24, 2020 / Kyle Hannah

The virus has put many countries into lockdown. Since people can't go out shopping, many people have resorted to online retail. The considerable increase in demand has created chaos on the supply chain market. The behemoth companies like Amazon and eBay are struggling to complete all orders, even with the thousands of workers they employ. Some small local businesses have absolutely exploded, and the trend of online shopping has resulted in a massive order flow.

That has led to several different problems that can only be solved by outsourcing e-commerce customer service. But where can you outsource eCommerce customer service? Who can you trust to take care of your customers? These are some of the questions we'll answer in this article.

How COVID-19 Has Increased Demand for eCommerce

eCommerce has been on the rise for many years now, but the latest trends are off the charts. The COVID-19 pandemic blocked many businesses and economies around the world, and the only way of getting orders is through websites and call centers.

The considerable demand spike helped some businesses grow, while others didn't have the manpower needed to address all incoming orders. We live in a time where every second count and most people don't like to wait for their requests to get processed. That leads to many lost clients and low revenues. Some businesses completely lost their reputation because of what happened.

You must outsource eCommerce customer service to increase your reach and make sure that every single customer is happy. E-commerce call centers are the only thing that can help you meet the demand on all fronts. Hiring professionals will allow you to focus on your business and make sure that you meet every client's requirements.

For example, the online market for movies, books, and music has increased by 82%. Building supplies increased online sales by 62%, and the overall market has grown by nearly 40%. Such a huge boom of online orders through social media, websites, and multimedia has left many suppliers with their hands tied. That can be fixed by hiring customer service outsourcing companies to make sure that every order is fulfilled.

Meeting the Increased Demand

The considerable demand spike was never planned. The eCommerce market was growing steadily already, but now it's entirely off the charts. According to Social Media Today, around 83% of buyers need some type of help when making online purchases.

Running customer service is not that easy. It has to be available 24/7, and some problems are more serious than others. Meeting the demand before COVID-19 was tough enough, but now it seems impossible for many small and medium businesses. Even giants have problems handling so many customers and questions.

If you're experiencing similar problems, you should think about hiring eCommerce call centers for help. Doing so will make sure that every customer gets the help they need. You can hire an on-demand customer service team that will take in more orders, leading to more sales and increased revenues.

But that's not all. Customer service outsourcing companies can provide help in many different languages and time zones. That will spread the good word about the way you do business, and success will follow. Everyone would rather spend money on something, knowing that they can call a phone number or send an email if they need help with something. That's why call center outsourcing is a good idea.

How to Meet the Increased Demand

Customer service outsourcing companies can help you grow your business faster than you ever thought possible. Here are some benefits you get by making sure that your customers get the support they need.

1. Lowering Costs

Running an in-house call center comes with all kinds of internal overhead costs. But, if you outsource your customer support to companies that have everything needed to cover your client's needs, you'll save a lot of money.

2. Flexibility and Adaptability

Call centers have a lot of experience in helping people with their problems. Many of them handle special market categories, making sure that the service meets the customer's needs. Call centers can quickly adapt to your strategies and keep the ball rolling.

3. Experts and High-quality Monitoring

Outsourcing companies record every call, and they keep chat logs. You can always check if the support team is doing their job right and make changes on the go. In other words, you can be sure that everything is done according to the highest standards.

4. Get Regular Reports

Ecommerce call centers provide clients with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You can choose the reporting requirements yourself, which allows you to choose what data you want to view.

5. Customer Satisfaction

If support experts handle all communication with customers with the right information, you can expect a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. Whether customers get help through voice, live chat, email, or chatbots, the only important thing is that someone addresses their needs. So, you will not only be able to cut the costs but also get a massive increase in customer satisfaction.

Where to Find Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

The bottom line is that you need to hire a professional eCommerce call center to increase the number of orders you can take, and make sure that every customer gets the help they need. We offer all kinds of custom call center solutions for almost any type of business out there. You can read more about call center outsourcing in this article.

Trust us and our teams of trained support agents will improve your service quality and help you cope with the increased demand following the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay home, stay safe, and let us take care of your customers!

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