Don't Wish for It - Work for It!

November 06, 2020 / Mark Golder

Disclaimer: This article has nothing to do with the call center industry. It's about Relationships, Heart and Attitude.

I have been reaching out to a people lately and trying to build some bridges of interest into certain industries. Electronics, Fashion, Toys and others.

My end goal? Help grow the organization I am blessed to be apart of and developing relationships is one of the most effective ways I know how to fulfill that.

I feel like sometimes you connect, and before you can refresh the page you're hit with “Have you thought about your window washer!? I just so happens I run the best window washing business and I bet I am cheaper too!!! Ask me how!?”

Now I am sure this has worked before… Otherwise it would not happen.

I just… cannot bring myself to do that. I feel like that type of spamming is no different than a billboard that constantly smacks you in the face.

I want to connect with you, and I want to grow my business. But even if there isn’t a way for us to work together let’s swap some stories and help each other out… Let's talk about the largest hurdle you have encountered, and how you overcame it. Maybe you have not yet… perhaps my stories of woes could help.

At the end of the day, I like people, and I love learning how they have tackled their dreams.

At Underguard Teleservices we are a family… We have shared the ups and downs, and the in betweens. What I have found never changes is our love and respect for who we are. We do not always need to seal the deal… But we sure never want to pass up the chance to make a new connection and a friend.

And seriously…. I bet I could wash your windows cheaper.

- Mark Golder

P.S. From the Heart!

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