Client Relationships in the Call Center BPO Business - Part 1

November 13, 2020 / Mark Golder

What does your client relationship do for you?

I always laugh at movies or TV shows when you see the high stakes business meetings... All prim, proper and serious.

Sure, you want to be smart when you talk about your business or a clients but I have never once felt the need to have a meeting like that.

Most of my meetings are lucky to get down to business after 5 to 10 minutes of talking about cars, fishing, upcoming hunting seasons, or other hobby talk.

My clients are my friends, they are people I care about. Sure, they give my business money, but that relationship is much stronger being real.

If you stress yourself out to be fake to impress a client or business partner you cannot build much off of a fake foundation, but when you find time to grow the relationship further your able to cut through the mess of formalities and find out how best you can serve your friend… who just so happens to be a client.

We had a client that lost all their TFNs overnight… No warning, no signs, nothing… Woke up that morning to Notifications going crazy about how no calls were getting through to the support team.

After finding out the how and why, we had to make a choice. This issue was in our laps because of a choice the client had made. It was not ours to fix, but because we have built these friendships with our clients none of that mattered.

We worked for nearly 14 hours removing all of the IVR, and rebuilding their infrastructure, we purchased new TFNs for them, and got them up and running within 24 hours. It was a major workload, but it kept our friend from losing business and ultimately their customers.

That is the power of friendship in business.

So next time you have a ‘high profile’ meeting try to figure out who you are meeting. Let them know you have their best interest in mind. Personal and Professional.

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