Case Study: Dallas TX based BPO company enacts relationship with UGT

February 02, 2021 / Kyle Hannah


A Call Center Outsourcing located in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area was experiencing rapid growth with a client and was failing to meet SLA's and the client was at risk of moving it's business.

Next Steps

Underguard's leadership traveled to Dallas to meet with the call center's CEO and discuss Underguard's capabilities and propose a Quick Launch solution to address the growing client requirements.


Underguard's management team assembled a Ramp plan which included Capacity planning to meet the desired SLA metric and initiated client communication to deploy the necessary number center agents.

Within 10 business days, the client campaign SLA's were back to obligation and the call center company in Dallas was able to improve it's profit margin by utilizing Underguard's labor force.

This resulted in the client staying with the Dallas BPO company and a lasting partnership was established.

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